What to feed your Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are bright creatures and they know what tastes good. To ensure that your little cavy eats a well-balanced diet, here are some tips.

Timothy-hay-guinea-pig-eating-timothy-hay-Hay and pellets should make up the bulk of the diet. Ensure that your supply is fresh by keeping open packages dry and as air-tight as possible. Mold grows easily in humid and warm environment. Alfalfa hay is only suitable for growing guinea pigs due to its high Calcium content.

-Vitamin C is vital for them! Dark green vegetables such as collard and broccoli could be provided. However, ensure that they are well cleaned in case of surface pesticides. (1/2 to 1 cup per day)

-Small amount of fruits could be provided as a treat. Red pepper, melon, kiwi fruit and strawberry could give them a substantial boost in vitamin C intake. (1 tablespoon per day only)

Healthy piggies are happy piggies.

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