The Problem with Obesity

golden-puppy-dadbod-chubbyMost of us couldn’t help but squeal with delight whenever we see a chubby looking animal. I have to admit that even veterinary professionals are guilty of that. We are unknowingly encouraging obesity amongst the pet population.

Obese animals, just like overweight people, are predisposed to diabetes, fatty liver, pancreatitis, joint problems and a myriad of other metabolic disorders. It’s not worth looking cute if it affects general health and well-being.

I have a lot of clients who exclaimed that they have not been feeding their pets that much but somehow their pets are gaining weight. What they fail to notice is the treats that they have been giving in addition to their usual diet. Also, their pets may not be exercising much other than the occasional walks.

Your veterinarian would be happy to assess your pet’s body condition and teach you how to do your own assessment at home. Assessing body condition is not solely based on weight. For instance, a bigger built cat would be heavier than a smaller one but both cats could be at their ideal weight. Let us help you to keep your pets healthy and lean so they could stay active for a longer time.

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