The "Cone of Shame"

The above picture is a patient of mine post-neuter.

I’m sure all pet owners have encountered the “cone of shame” at some point: a plastic cone-shape collar that is placed around the neck to prevent self-induced trauma. After surgery, they help prevent the patient from getting at their wounds. In cases where the patient sustained eye injury, such as corneal ulceration, it prevents them from making it worse while allowing healing to take place.

The “cone” is also useful to reduce the chewing/licking/scratching of itchy body parts. However, not all pets are suitable candidates for donning on the “cone”.

I have met patients who became excessively nervous. There were circumstances where the lesion was on the neck region and the “cone” would only worsen it. Therefore, please speak to your veterinarian before you decide to remove the “cone” despite instructions to keep them on.

The “cone” is not mandatory but rather an aid to keep your pet safe from his/her own actions. It’s always possible to come up with alternatives.

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